Hockey fan generously offers glasses to referee during video review

Officiating a sporting event can often be a thankless job. When you do your job right, it’s rarely recognized. But when you do your job incorrectly…. hoo boy, you’re in for it.

Luckily, there are still some kind-hearted sports fans who understand and appreciate the difficulty of refereeing a contest.

Take, for instance, this hockey fan from Tampa Bay on Wednesday night. During a crucial late game video review following a game-tying goal by the Lightning, the fan — seated in the front row — decided to generously offer up his own glasses just to ensure the ref had every opportunity to make the right call. What a guy!

While it may seem that this fan was just antagonizing the ref in humorous fashion, we have to consider the fact that all NHL video reviews are conducted via tablets that have four-inch screens, approximately. With that in mind, the glasses could have really come in handy.

Alas, the official decided he was okay without the extra help and ultimately ruled that the Lightning goal was scored legally.