Frank Corrado on Waivers (Good for Him)

According to Sportsnet, the Toronto Maple Leafs have Waived Frank Corrado.

This is something they should have done last year.  I know the NHL is a business, and you have to show no mercy and be Macavellian to win. That being said, the Leafs were ruining this kids career and that’s not alright.

Despite being – as far as I know – completely healthy, the Leafs have never played Frank Corrado.  Last year, he got in 46 games combined in the NHL/AHL.

This year he’s played nine.

I know he’s well paid compared to most people.  Still, he worked his ass off to become an NHL player and he’s 23, and he’s now had basically a season and a half stolen from his development.

I hope another team gives him a chance and actually plays him.

If not, at least he can go to the AHL and play a regular shift.

To be clear, the rules prevented the Leafs from sending him down because they didn’t want to risk losing him.  But that means he doesn’t get to play – he’s a victim of the rules more than anything. It’s not like the Leafs were screwing him on purpose.

Alexei Marchenko

What led to the Leafs finally waiving Corrado is their claim of Alexei marchenko from Detroit.

Marchenko is a right shooting, 25 year old defenceman who has played 110 games in the NHL – some of them for Mike Babcock.

Babcock obviously wasn’t interested in playing Corrado and clearly he knows and (one assumes) likes Marchenko, so maybe it will turn out to be a good pick up.

The only thing I notice about Marchenko is that he has no history of being a good possession player.  However, he has size and he shoots right, so those are big factors, as the Leafs could use more of both those things.

The other thing is that all his scouting reports suggest that he’s an excellent puck-mover –  this is what I like to hear.  I think the Leafs bottom pairing is missing an element of puck-moving ability.   Polak is a clunker and Hunwick can move the puck but he can’t skate.

Perhaps a new partner, system and a reuniting with Babcock will help Marchenko improve his numbers and play.  It’s unlikely you ever get an important piece of waivers, but it has happened.

Frank Corrado wasn’t playing, Babcock clearly likes Marchenko and so I can’t see how the Leafs can possibly lose on this deal.  Seems like a win for everyone involved.

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