FOX Features Five NHL Games This Week!

The Chicago Blackhawks take on the St. Louis Blues in an intense

rivalry match up this week on FOX Sports. These are two

evenly-matched teams up and down the line. Both teams are winning

at the same pace. Both teams have two dynamic scorers. For Chicago,

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews lead the way, while Alexander Steen

and David Backes lead the Blues. Both teams are among the top five

in scoring, but St. Louis does hold the advantage on defense. But

statistics go out the window when these two teams play and a hard

fought game that goes down to the final second is the norm. Tune in

for as this Central Division match up takes center-stage in the

final week of 2013.

All times in GMT

01:00 (LIVE) & 09:00 December 29

NHL: St. Louis Blues vs Chicago Blackhawks

00:00 (LIVE) & 14:00 December 30

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Carolina Hurricanes

01:00 (LIVE) & 14:30 December 31

NHL: Los Angeles Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks

18:00 (LIVE) & 09:00 January 1

NHL: Detroit Red Wings vs Toronto Maple Leafs

03:00 (LIVE) & 11:30 January 2

NHL: Vancouver Canucks vs Tampa Bay Lightning