WATCH: Jeremy Roenick challenges an alligator on a golf course

Former NHLer Jeremy Roenick has never been afraid of an opponent, whether he's on the ice or chasing an alligator on the golf course.

Outspoken former NHLer Jeremy Roenick hasn't been shy about taking on all comers, whether it be on the ice or even in the broadcast booth.

Roenick, however, took it up a notch when he spotted a live alligator on the golf course. The video was posted by Rhea Hughes of WIP radio in Philadelphia.

Rather than let the unwelcome visitor go on its way, the 45-year-old Roenick attempted to dive at the alligator.

Fortunately for all parties involved, the alligator found safety in the water while Roenick was left with yet another story to add to his colorful collection – not to mention all of his limbs.