Flyers fans are irate over team’s new gold-accented jerseys


The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled a new 50th anniversary jersey on Wednesday and — surprise! — pretty much everybody hates them.

The jersey, which will be worn 12 times next season to celebrate the organization’s 50th year, is much like their regular primary road jersey … but with plenty of gold accents. There’s gold around the team’s logo, inside the numbers and around the trim of the nameplate. It’s a lot of gold, but the Flyers seem to like it.

Unfortunately for the team, nobody else on the internet seems to dig them.

In addition to the "special" jersey being quite weird and lazy, many also questioned the team’s decision to incorporate so much gold, when it’s one of the colors used by cross-state rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins.

There you have it. Everybody hates this dumb jersey. Is it as bad as everyone is making it out to be? Probably not. But it’s definitely not good.