Fan follows through on promise to shave giant beard for puck from Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid could be an NHL legend in the making, so it’s understandable that fans would go to great lengths to get their hands on a souvenir from him. Recently, one fan traded his nearly decade-old beard for a puck from the young Oilers superstar.

Nick Cordell said he hadn’t been clean shaven since 2008 but was willing to part with his huge beard if it meant a prize from McDavid, so he brought a sign to Tuesday’s Blues-Oilers game in St. Louis making that proposal.

Luckily for Cordell (but unfortunately for his beard), McDavid obliged.

Something tells me it might take a little bit for Cordell to get adjusted to that new look — especially when the winter temperatures drop — but it’s worth it. Hair grows back, but a McDavid souvenir is forever.