Edmonton Oilers Are Not a Serious Playoff Threat This Season

The Edmonton Oilers Have Been Working on a Build Up. The Addition of Superstar Captain Connor McDavid Has Been a Boost But Poor Defense and Inconsistencies Prevent the Team From Being a Serious Playoff Threat. This Season Anyway.

Edmonton Oilers, since the coming of Connor McDavid this team has really made their presence in the league noticeable.

McDavid plays a major role in this team’s success, playoffs were a figment of imagination for this team before McDavid’s arrival. McDavid has 24 goals, 52 assists and 76 points. Being his first full year, he’s already putting Edmonton back on the map. All credit it to him.

Now is this Oilers team a legitimate playoff team, I’ll save you the trouble in answering that. No they’re not.

Wildcard? Yes. Playoff Threat? No.

At one point this team was the #1 team in the Pacific division, we all knew that was not going to last. Since then Edmonton has slowly fallen off. Now they have dropped to the first wild card spot, only four points ahead of St. Louis for the last wild card spot.

This team has room for improvements, they’re young with a bright future. But at this time, Edmonton is not a team anyone has to worry about in the playoffs. Even coming out of the Western Conference, which has been weaker than recent years. They still don’t pose a threat.

Edmonton has young prospects, and young players rostered now that have developed quite well. With Connor McDavid, let’s not forget, he is only 20 years old. That’s scary. Along with Leon Draisaitl, Darnell Nurse, Oscar Klefbom and Cam Talbot.

While being accompanied by a few veterans make this team good, but not playoff good. If Edmonton can seem to land another big name defensemen in the offseason, then one can start to worry a bit more about this team.

Defense Up

Defense is definitely lacking when it comes to Edmonton. It’s not awful but not something you can be confident with heading into the playoffs.

Although Cam Talbot is starting to finally establish himself as a #1 goaltender in this league. Quite honestly get one more solid top two defensemen, along with Cam Talbot and this offense. Edmonton can definitely be a more serious threat come playoff time.

Talbot has 34 wins, which is 4th among all goalies. 5 shutouts, tied for 5th. 62 games started, most among all goalies by six starts. While posting a 2.36 GAA and .920 Save Percentage.

Give this team a year or two, to add a few more pieces to their team and have some young guys see some more time. Maybe, it is quite possible we will see Connor McDavid hoist the Stanley cup before his 25th birthday.

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