Ducks defenseman sends Brad Marchand airborne with big open-ice hit

It seems that many hockey fans outside of Boston don’t particularly care for Brad Marchand. While he has developed into a fantastic player over the last handful of years, he hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the masses with his antagonizing antics and his long history of dirty plays.

With that being said, 29 fanbases will likely enjoy the big hit that was thrown on Marchand Wednesday night.

During the third period of Boston’s visit to Anaheim, Ducks defenseman Josh Manson sent Marchand flying with a big hit in the neutral zone. The airborne effect was aided by Marchand attempting to jump into Manson just before impact, but it was a big, clean hit that dispossessed Marchand and reversed play back into Anaheim’s offensive zone.

To Marchand’s credit, he wore the hit well and popped right back up without causing a scene. Still, something tells me Manson won over some new fans with the big collision.