Ducks can’t capitalize, lose on the road to Washington





The Ducks couldn’t capitalize and end up losing on the road.

This loss comes after the Ducks had an outstanding victory over Buffalo. The Ducks offense wasn’t doing horribly they just couldn’t t keep up with the Capitals. Their defense on the other hand allowed way too many goals.

Hockey isn’t an individual sport it is a team sport. Although the Ducks defense slipped the team still had a chance to win the game.

Even the best of teams have off nights.

The Ducks offense just couldn’t match their opponents goals. Despite losing they are still only two victories away from first in the Pacific Division standings.

If anyone is to blame for this loss, the entire team is at fault. They are all at fault because the goaltender didn’t prevent goals, the defense allowed the goalie to get scored on, and the offense didn’t score more goals than their opponent.

Anaheim has been attempting around 35 plus shots lately in their games. However in this loss they only attempted 29 shots on goal. They also couldn’t convert on both their power plays.

Therefore you can say the offense was struggling mightily in this game. To make matters worse they seemed to have possession of the puck around 62% of the entire game.

So either they didnt attempt more shots on goal or the Capitals defense was preventing them from taking lots of shots.

For the Ducks on defense though, they didn’t do so bad as the scoreboard indicates. Yes they allowed 6 goals, but they did have more hits. They had 37 to the Capitals 30.

Also, they nearly tied in blocks 12 to 14. John Gibson allowed 5 goals, but had his defense helped him would he have been scored on that many times? Probably not. Somehow the Ducks are still in the hunt for first place despite this ugly loss.

All they can do now is learn from their mistakes and bounce back in their next game on Tuesday against the Minnesota Wild.

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