College hockey fan struggles to toss giant fish on ice

Something was fishy at a recent University of New Hampshire hockey game.
Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

While everyone has heard about the fish that got away, one unfortunate soul was left to lament the one that just couldn’t get over the glass.

With host New Hampshire celebrating the first goal of Friday’s contest against Boston University, an eager fan wanted to join the party by hurling a giant fish onto the ice.

His first toss failed miserably as the giant fish landed back in his hands. Thinking he needed an extra boost, the fan attempted to scale the glass only to lose grip of his slippery friend.

Undaunted, the fan finally accomplished his goal by hurling the giant fish on the ice – to the delight (and amusement) of the crowd.

Perhaps only those who smuggle an octopus into Joe Louis Arena truly know of this fan’s troubles.