Beckham, daughter score on Kiss Cam

Getting caught on Kiss Cam with your sister? Gross. Getting caught on Kiss Cam with your daughter? Couldn’t be sweeter.

David Beckham further endeared himself to anyone who’s a fan of the now-retired soccer star and global icon when the Kiss Cam at the Los Angeles Kings game Tuesday night focused on him and his daughter, Harper. Beckham had to help his 22-month-old realize they were on camera, but then he capitalized on the moment in front of the packed house.

Maybe even better, a little earlier in the video, the Kiss Cam focuses on a woman and the man to her right. She points to her left, where her significant other is seated and the camera shifts to him, then shifts back to the first man. So she kisses them both, before moving on to lay smackers on basically every guy around her.

Check out the fun in the video below.