Tyler Seguin is living in fear of rubber ducks

Tyler Seguin had an eventful offseason, but one of his most iconic moments was his ESPN Body Issue photoshoot where he used a rubber ducky to cover up his more sensitive bits. The magazine was all in fun, but now Seguin is worried the repercussions of doing such a famous photoshoot will follow him into the NHL season.

“I’m already worried about the rubber ducks being thrown on the ice,” Seguin said in a recent interview with Puck Daddy. “I already told them I don’t want rubber ducky giveaways. I don’t want ducks on the ice every time I have a hat trick.”

Seguin said he posed with the rubber ducks because much of the issue was done in a serious fashion and the photographers were looking for one funny subject, so Seguin said he would be willing to do a more lighthearted pose. Thus the rubber duck modeling was born. 

Seguin is known as a very outgoing personality in Dallas, so it is not too surprising seeing him willing to pose naked for a magazine, but Seguin did admit that the job was a little intimidating.

“The day before the actual shoot, I was thinking if I could get out of it,” Seguin told Puck Daddy. “I was a little nervous, and it was the day before I was going to Europe for the world championships. The first 15-20 minutes were a little awkward, but it got easier.”

(h/t Puck Daddy)

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