Dallas Stars Need to be Disappointed, but Resilient

The Dallas Stars couldn’t scrape out a valuable win last night, though they fought with every ounce they had. They must learn from these kinds of losses if they are truly going to turn the season around.

The Dallas Stars suffered a rather gut-wrenching loss on Saturday night at the hands of the Minnesota Wild. They surrendered three goals in the opening minutes of the game and endured a screaming fit from head coach Lindy Ruff.

As if that were not bad enough, they then managed to come all the way back and tie the game only to lose by one. That seems to be how their season is going this year, but Dallas needs to harness their disappointment and turn it into motivation.

Embrace the Disappointment

It does no good for the Stars if they simply say they tried their best and look ahead. They need to watch Saturday’s game and watch their overtime losses. They need to see them to learn and grow and get frustrated with themselves.

Mistakes are made throughout the duration of an 82 game regular season. They are inevitable. However, teams that simply move forward and ignore what they have done wrong never learn and end up doing the same thing over and over again.

Disappointment does not necessarily mean that the Stars need to be down on themselves. They do not need to only feel the shame of playing so poorly that they have a limited chance of coming back. What they need to do is identify that how they played was not up to their expectations and make changes to be certain it does not happen again in the near future.

Unfortunately being a professional athlete, or a fan of them, comes with its fair share of low moments. Saturday night’s loss was not what this team wanted, but what you get out of things what you put in them. Hopefully it will motivate them to change their mentality and fix the problems at hand.

Be Resilient

The Stars are not the team they were last season. That seems to be a difficult concept for this club to understand. They are not at the top of the Western Conference, nor are they leading the league in scoring.

That is just not the case for the Dallas Stars right now and it most likely will not be in the final months of the regular season. Dallas has taken strides toward understanding their identity and then taken leaps backwards.

They look like a young team that is confused about who they are and what they are supposed to do on the ice. They appear to be a club with limited confidence in who they are expected to be versus who they actually are.

This has been a theme all season long and it, quite frankly, is tiring. There is no cure for an identity crisis other than simply playing through it. Dallas needs to get on the ice and perform the way they are capable. That means everyone from the crease out needs to play as complete of a game as possible.

Dallas’ resilience will be evident if they can do that. However, another disastrous outing may cause the downfall of this team’s playoff hopes.

Moving Ahead

Dallas will really prove how well they can come back from adversity in their next match-up Monday night in Buffalo. That is when it will be easy to see if they have actually learned anything.

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