Dallas Stars: Looking At Tyler Seguin’s Exciting Past

The Dallas Stars will be represented by Tyler Seguin at the 2017 All-Star game. It won’t be his first rodeo, and he’s had plenty of fun along the way.

Yesterday, Tyler Seguin was chosen to represent the Dallas Stars at the NHL’s 2017 All-Star game at the end of this month. This will be his fourth time around, with the years 2012, 2015, and 2016 already under his belt.

Since his first All-Star game, and since joining the Stars roster in the 13-14 season, Seguin has made a splash with the Stars and has been involved in some pretty special moments that touched us but more often than not, made us laugh.

It’s hard to look back and imagine a time when Tyler Seguin wasn’t a part of the Stars’ world, but remember Benn and Seguin’s chance meeting on the bench at the 2012 All-Star game?

A sight that would be repeated many, many times as Seguin’s path brought him to the Stars. Like a sign of greatness to come.

And to say that these two ended up clicking would be an understatement. Although they’ve been a bit less active this season, Benneguin has cemented its name in the league as one of its greatest duos. As such, you’d be hard-pressed to find a classic Seguin moment that didn’t have a classic Benn moment as its other half.

Take for instance, the Dude Perfect video, in which Benn and Seguin got all footloose and fancy free, performing pretty special feats and trick shots. It’s a Stars classic, but for those of you who haven’t refreshed your memory in a while, take a look! Bonus: it will remind you that winter’s cold, horrific grasp will not be forever.

While that epic trip down memory lane a la two years ago is bound to incite some laughs, not much can come close to Benn and Seguin’s Valentine’s Day prank on the comedy meter. Seguin seemed able to pull off the lie with a little more ease than Benn, and that mischievous and fun-loving nature is what earns him that special place on our team, in our hearts, and undoubtedly on the 2017 All-Star roster.

With all the epic goals they’ve scored between the two of them, it’s a little easier to forgive them for causing their poor moms such distress. And when it comes to epic goals they’ve scored, well, there’s too many to choose from. These will have to do!

And of course, what kind of a tribute to Seguin’s unique and colorful path in the NHL would this be if we didn’t at least mention the ESPN Body Issue? And now that we’ve mentioned it, our duty here is done.

Needless to say, the 2017 All-Star roster is gaining a great talent and personality in Tyler Seguin. All-Star games past (2015 All-Star draft, anyone?) have been enlivened and spiced up with Seguin’s presence. Now, we look forward to another memorable event at the end of January. Here’s looking at you, Seggy!

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