Blue Jackets’ Calvert returns from slap shot to face to score game-winning goal

Matt Calvert wasn't about to let a pesky slap shot to the face keep him from playing out the rest of the game.

The Columbus Blue Jackets left winger's status was questionable after he took a puck to the forehead that required medical attention in the second period.

But the 26-year-old returned from the slap shot, 36 stitches later … then managed to sneak a short-handed shot under Henrik Lundqvist to score the tie-breaking goal in the third.

“I think when something like this happens emotions just kind of take over,” Calvert said. “You're riding on adrenaline. I made a shot and it was great to see it hit the back of the net.”

The Blue Jackets won 4-2 over the New York Rangers and nabbed a franchise-record seventh straight home victory. And now Calvert's got his badge of courage as proof.