Colorado Avalanche: Patrick Roy Reacts To Montreal Loss

A fictional conversation with former Colorado Avalanche head coach Patrick Roy following their 10-1 loss to Montreal.

The Colorado Avalanche got blasted by the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night. Most Avalanche fans tuned out after nine minutes, but not former Avs head coach Patrick Roy. Roy stuck through all 60-minutes, the first and last time he’ll stick with the Avs this year. I talked with the former bench boss after the game and got his thoughts on how things went.

Prior to the Game: “I was really happy for Jarome Iginla. Playing in his 1500th game. One could argue that he hasn’t actually played a game in the last two seasons, but it was still a nice honor. Otherwise, Colorado visiting Montreal just isn’t a big deal anymore.”

After Montreal’s First Goal: “Was tough break for Colorado.”

After Montreal’s Third Goal: “It was really smart of Jared Bednar to pull Calvin Pickard before it got too crazy. I admire him for making that call. You never want to leave your goalie out to dry. Not every goal was Calvin’s fault. Turnovers. Poor coverage in front. But the team needed something.”

After Montreal’s Sixth Goal: “Big goal by Joe Colborne. I believe that was his first since his opening night hat trick.”

After Blake Comeau’s Goal: “Why was he celebrating? Your team is down 6-1. Don’t celebrate. Just skate back to the bench and move on to the next play. Act like you’ve been down 6-1 before.”

On What He Would Have Said At First Intermission: “Nothing. Because half those guys wouldn’t be in the locker room with me. Tyson Barrie, Matt Duchene, Gabriel Landeskog. All gone. It would be a totally different group in there. And we wouldn’t have been down 6-1.”

On Alexander Radulov’s Goal: “He should have been scoring those goals for me this year.”

On Calvin Pickard Returning For The Third Period: “Why play a goalie at all at that point? You’re down 9-1. Just play the entire third period with the goalie on the bench. Tomorrow they’ll probably trade for Columbus’ AHL goalie.”

More On Pickard Returning: “It’s funny. Mario Tremblay finally pulled me after nine goals in my last game in Montreal. Jared made two goalie switches in that time. I feel like I could play for Jared. Definitely not the team in front of me. But Jared seems smart.”

After Montreal’s Tenth Goal: “People want to call it the ‘Patrick Roy Revenge Game.’ I had nothing to do with that game. I wasn’t there. I played for both teams. I coached one of them. But I have no ties to either organization anymore. I take no pleasure in watching any team give up 10 goals. Montreal gave up 10 goals this season. Does that make this the ‘Patrick Roy Revenge Season’? Maybe Colorado will score 10 goals in a game.”

On The Brawl At The End: “They kept fighting. It would have been nice if they had that much fight in them at the end of last season.”

On Montreal’s Success: “Everyone wrote them off and questioned how they could trade P.K. Subban for Shea Weber. Subban is a nice player, but he doesn’t play defense. He’s like a better version of Tyson Barrie. Shea is an all-around player. He’s a veteran and more seasoned version of Nick Holden.”

On Colorado’s Season Thus Far: “I really don’t need to say anything, do I?”

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