Colorado Avalanche Need to Find the Turning Point in Their Season

The Colorado Avalanche are in need of a turning point in their season, and they may have found that point against the L.A. Kings on Tuesday night.

The Colorado Avalanche have had an extremely hard time scoring goals this season. However, with a 4-1 win against the Kings on Tuesday night, they may have found what they need to turn those scoring woes around.

The Colorado Avalanche scored four goals for the first time since October 20 in that game Against the Kings. That October 20 game was when they beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-0. Seems like a long time ago right? Well, it was.

Now, it’s too early to tell if the performance against the Kings was what the Avs needed to start scoring more. Nonetheless, it was exactly the type of performance the Avs could use as a turning point in their season.

What Does it Take to Turn a Season Around?

Confidence. And production. But, mostly confidence. The Avs had been snake-bitten with goal production for quite a while before the game against the Kings. They had lost all confidence in their scoring ability, and it showed in the way they played their games.

The relief was palpable after Tuesday night’s game, and Nikita Zadorov aptly summed that up:

Well, I think we had a good effort the last few games, we just couldn’t score. Finally we found the back of net in [Tuesday] night’s game. Everything went well, we played a perfect system, we overplayed them, we overworked them… It was only the fourth game we scored first. It was good relief for us… We have a tough schedule this week, so [Tuesday night] was an important win.

Tuesday night’s win was extremely important indeed because it was the final game of a four-game home stand, and the win put the Avs back at .500 for the home stand.

However, the Avs are about to head on a three-game road trip starting on Thursday night against the Dallas Stars.

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So, the win against the Kings was also extremely important for confidence heading into the road trip.

Now, the Avs need to make sure that they are able to keep that positivity and confidence rolling into the next few games, which Semyon Varlamov aptly summed up this time:

It’s important to stay positive no matter what. It’s a long season. We’re not going to win all the games, but we need to work hard as a team every game when we step on the ice. That’s how we’re going to win the hockey games like we did [on Tuesday].

Positivity and confidence boys, positivity and confidence.


Like I said earlier, there’s really no way to discern whether or not Tuesday night’s win against the Kings will be a turning point for the Avs.

However, it has the necessary structure to become a turning point. And, it also seems like the Colorado Avalanche players are looking at it that way as well.

Nonetheless, the Avs need to commit to Tuesday night’s win as a turning point, for it to come to fruition.

I guess we’ll find out if the team is taking that commitment seriously when the Colorado Avalanche face the Dallas Stars at the American Airlines Center on Thursday at 6:30 pm MST.

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