Greening gets a painful keepsake

Colin Greening scored the biggest goal of his career against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday night in Ottawa. The goal, which gave the Senators a 2-1 double-overtime win against Pittsburgh, sent Scotiabank Place into a frenzy.

Greening may actually have a keepsake from his memorable goal that’s a little bit different than just a stick or a puck. If the Sens have good doctors, Greening may have a couple pieces of fiberglass to commemorate the goal. Greening took a high-stick to the face earlier in the game that left him with pieces of fiberglass in his face on his left cheek.

According to reports, Greening had the bigger pieces of the fiberglass from the stick removed after the second period, but that didn’t get all of the fragments. Greening had to get more work done after the game to have the smaller pieces fished out, a procedure that actually delayed him in meeting with the media after the game-winner.