Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Winter Classic Fail

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The Chicago Blackhawks took another loss in the Winter Classic yesterday which seems to be their tradition. 

The Chicago Blackhawks brass likes having their team in as many NHL events as possible which means they will never tell Gary Bettman no to an outdoor game.  This means no matter how many times you can say it gets old, the Chicago Blackhawks will continue to play in these games as long as they have fan favorites Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane on the roster.

The problem is that no matter how much the front office likes having the Hawks in these games, the Chicago Blackhawks don’t ever seem to bring their A game to the outdoor contests.

The bigger problem isn’t that they aren’t bringing their A game to the outdoor games, the problem is the Hawks aren’t playing very good at all lately.  The Hawks haven’t played really well since they defeated the San Jose Sharks which was over two weeks ago.

The fun part of an 82 game season is that your team’s fortunes can change with an injury or a momentum building win.  The Hawks are missing Marian Hossa especially against big physical teams like the St. Louis Blues.  They also are missing Marcus Kruger who does so many little things that most people don’t even notice.

The Hawks lead the Central and haven’t been completely healthy since practically opening night so I’m not totally worried, but it would be nice for the Hawks to find their game once again.

Here are some Chicago Blackhawks morning links for the day after the Winter Classic! 

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