Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Oil Field

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The Chicago Blackhawks march on to Edmonton for the second week of the circus trip, and will they be able to carry their third period magic on to the home of Connor McDavid?

The Chicago Blackhawks have been using the same script game in and game out, and for the faint of heart it’s tough to watch but if you can hold out for the third period it’s sure is a fun team to watch.

The Hawks generally take an early lead in every game, and then they fall asleep until they come to the locker room during the 2nd period intermission.

Then the funnest thing to watch is the Hawks dominate the third period.  Sure it would be nice to score early and often and cruise to a victory, but this year’s team doesn’t play like that game in and game out.  They do take control of their destiny in the third period, and so far into the 2016-2017 season end up with a win at the end of each contest.

The question for me as they head to Edmonton tonight is will they be able to keep this kind of game plan up, or will this eventually catch up to them by the end of the season.  When you look at the Western Conference, it’s apparent that even though the Hawks may not be as deep as they used to be, they are still only one of four teams in the conference with a + goal differential.

The Oilers are off to their best start in years behind their superstar phenom McDavid, and now that they have played well have struggled a bit lately having gone 3-6-1 in their last 10, so the Hawks are catching them at the right time, but I think the NHL is better if the Oilers are good.

Here are some morning links to kick off your work week. 

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