Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Happy Election Day

Good morning Chicago Blackhawk fans! The United States gets to do something today that people have fought to protect for over 200 years, so don’t forget to vote today! 

We aren’t going to do anything crazy like endorse candidates here, but it is ironic to me that since I was little I was enamored with the whole election process, history, and Presidents and yet this year I’ve been turned off by the entire situation.  That being said, My Father who I begged to vote as a kid who did sometimes and didn’t other years is on Facebook every day as a retired 70 plus year old talking about politics every day.  It makes me think that all my work years ago finally paid off I guess?!?

Anyways, back to the Chicago Blackhawks who are now a week away from the annual circus trip, and have won 6 straight games while winning almost every game on home ice. We will have to see if they can take this new found magic on the road next week.

The winning formula to me is that they found their special teams.  They have only given up 13 goals during 5 on 5 action which is usually a formula for success if you are even close to average on special teams.  Lately they have been only giving up 1 goal on the penalty kill during 18 chances.

The other thing is that youngsters have stepped up.  They may not be hitting the scoresheet on a regular basis, but their play on the ice has been noticeably better.  Ryan Hartman and Tyler Motte have stuck out, but one sure seems to have to point to Dennis Rasmussen as a player that has shown a lot. Since he’s been on the PK it has been a different unit.

Here are some Chicago Blackhawks morning links for you to read while waiting in line to vote on this election Tuesday! 

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