Chicago Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews Hams It Up In Nexus Spot

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews is a popular commercial target, and we saw why in a recent ad

We’re used to seeing Chicago Blackhawks captain and center Jonathan Toews in television and Internet commercials. Even though he’s known as “Captain Serious,” he’s really a very personable guy. He can sell you on something because he’s a professional, but goofy and fun-loving athlete.

Earlier this year, Toews was part of a Canadian Tire commercial in which he turned into a professional artist. Toews and teammate Patrick Kane were also part of a memorable cell phone commercial back in the day.

While what we’re about to show you isn’t a commercial per say, it’s certainly an ad spot. The setting: An ice rink containing Toews and Toronto Maple Leafs youngster Auston Matthews. The two are showing off their Bauer Nexus 1N sticks.

If this didn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what to say. Toews has really come into his own in these commercial-type spots, and he’s got Matthews bent over in laughter during this video.

If you can’t watch the video, I’ll try and do it some justice.

Early sequences

The idea around this video spot is Toews and Matthews playing a game of pseudo-HORSE. The two are “left alone” at their video shoot and decide to test their shooting skills against one another with the Nexus 1N sticks.

Toews starts by telling Matthews he doesn’t think Matthews can hit a water bottle resting on the boards. After one low miss and Toews goading Matthews on (this would become a theme), Matthews blows up the bottle with a shot.

So Matthews decides to ask Toews to hit the crossbar from the blue line … which Toews achieves on his first shot. Silence … then Matthews utters a quiet “I hate you” while Toews dons his best s**t-eating grin.

Property destruction

Things take a turn when Toews decides to ask Matthews to hit a coffee cup resting next to a pair of director’s chairs. Matthews proceeds to destroy one of the chairs, a box the coffee cup is sitting on and, eventually, the coffee.

Toews’ turn sees Matthews asking him to strike one of the small lights scattered around the rink. Toews doinks the puck off the light’s head on his first shot, after which Matthews says he meant “the other” light.

Toews sends two more rocket wristers off the light, which refuses to break in any way. Angered by this, Toews takes off down the ice and tackles the light. We shouldn’t be surprised the guy has a back injury.

Perhaps the best part of the video comes next, when Toews challenges Matthews to bust up a small camera on a tripod. Matthews glances two pucks off the camera, after which Toews offers the critique, “You’re just petting it. You’re just massaging it.” The hilarious sentences cause Matthews to bust out laughing and miss his next two shot attempts about 5 feet wide left.

Matthews finally gives up on trying to break the camera with a puck and just explodes the recording device with his stick. I’m really hoping all this equipment was entering its retirement phase.

Fun with food

The final target for these two shooting wizards is a table of food. It contains a multi-tiered vegetable platter, a chocolate fountain, some bowls of fruit skewers and a small ice sculpture.

Toews apparently hates strawberries and obliterates the bowl holding them with his first shot. Matthews razzes Toews for being “a big vegetable guy” and smashes a couple lower tiers of the veggie tray with his first food shot.

Toews decides to face this affront to healthy eating by blasting the chocolate fountain off the table with a single shot. Then, the two take turns trying to smash the ice sculpture, which takes a beating. While Matthews hits the sculpture more often, Toews’ one high blast shatters the thing.

The veggies get finished off last, with Matthews knocking more food to the ice while Toews splits the tray at its top.

And that’s the commercial. Hopefully watching this helps get you a little closer, mentally, to the weekend!

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