‘Hawks fans TP coach’s house

When the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup back in 2010,

’Hawks fans responded, naturally, by


target="_blank">toilet papering head coach Joel

Quenneville’s house.

Monday night, after Chicago made it two Cups in four seasons

with a stunning win over Boston, the team’s supporters

congratulated Quenneville, once again, by TP’ing the home of

the team’s mustache enthusiast behind the bench.

The toilet papering was the handiwork of some of

Quenneville’s neighbors, according to this tweet and photo

from a ’Hawks fan named Ellie:

A few regular ol’ unruly fans may have also pitched


Quenneville seemed to take the prank in stride though —

the guy just won the Stanley Cup, how mad could he be? — and

was seen signing autographs for fans and taking photos outside his

home Tuesday: