Chicago-area couple to wed in front of Stanley Cup

Jeanne Hansen and Jim Anderson got engaged in front of the Stanley Cup in 2013. Today, they are getting married in front of it.

The Chicago-area couple have had some fortuitous timing, with Anderson proposing in front of the Cup after the Chicago Blackhawks won it in 2013. Today, the Cup makes an appearance at Bolingbrook Golf Club, where the pair will marry in its presence.

When they announced their intentions in June, the couple said they weren’t prepared for attention it would draw.

There were all sorts of media requests and local vendors looking to get in on the action (one local dress maker even made Hansen a custom Blackhawks themed dress).


"We never want to be the center of attention. It’s not that we’re not grateful, but all of this extra stuff created more and more ‘stuff’ we didn’t need," she told the Aurora Beacon-News on Tuesday.

Overwhelmed by the attention, they will instead keep it simple. Hansen will wear a simple dress she picked out herself, though she couldn’t resist a pair of custom Blackhawks Converse sneakers.

And aside from the Cup itself, there won’t be any athletes or club officials or major media presence. Just their four kids and a small group of relatives will take in the ceremony.

"In the end, all of (the media attention) goes away and what matters is your family," Hansen said.

(h/t Aurora Beacon-News)