Carolina Stat Review: Chicago Blackhawks Sadness Edition

The Carolina Hurricanes played the Chicago Blackhawks again.  This time the outcome was a little different.

After a come from behind win against the St. Louis Blues on Thursday, the Carolina Hurricanes looked to create another win streak against the Blackhawks.  Well, at least they played like they wanted to.  The final score ultimately was a loss and a tough one at that.  With the Flyers resting, the Hurricanes really needed a win to keep the playoff push alive.  This was a prime opportunity to make up ground.  Along with the Flyers win today against Tampa, the playoff push took a serious hit against the Blackhawks.

There is still al of hockey to go though and if the Hurricanes can win their other two games in hand that will leave them only two behind.  Carolina also plays the Flyers three more times this year and each win there represents a four point swing.  So not all hope is lost Canes fans, and now on to the stats.

Shots and Shots on Goal

Yeah, Carolina handily won the battle in both Shots and Shots on Goal.  The Hawks came along a little strong to start the second, but once they scored their second goal they really didn’t try anymore.  That second goal also came from a failed clearing after a stick broke in the attempt.  We have to be the unluckiest team in hockey right now.  And it’s not like the Hurricanes didn’t get prime scoring opportunities, they did just Scott Darling obviously wants to be a starting goaltender somewhere.  Given the fact he’s an UFA at the end of this season and there are plenty of bad goalies out there, he probably will get a shot with someone.

Corsi Differential

Yeah, Ryan Murphy had another bad game.  But the thing that is most surprising is Ty Rattie’s position on this graph.  He was heavily involved in the Rask goal and created quite a few chances himself.  Not sure what’s going on there, but it is a real disconnect between the stats and what I saw in the game.  Hopefully, it’s just from a couple bad shifts that he got trapped out on during line changes.  Rattie is someone though that needs to be watched closely to make sure a bias isn’t coming into play.

Shots and Expected Goals Plots

Ok, looking at the expected goals plot makes me feel a little bit better about Rattie in terms of his play.  The other main thing to take away is that Justin Faulk has been a beast since his return from injury.  This is the player most Carolina Hurricanes’ fans, have come to know and it bodes well for any chance the Hurricanes have of making the playoffs.  Also, I can’t wait till next season when hopefully the Hurricanes replace Jay McClement and Joakim Nordstrom.  I would rather have younger talent in those positions because they are usually cheaper and faster, but that’s a topic for a whole other article.

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