Carolina Hurricanes Weekly Links: The Heavy Drinking Edition

It’s dark times for the Carolina Hurricanes, we try to gather some positive vibes for this week’s links

Ok folks, it seems like more weeks than not, I find myself writing these articles on Sunday after an awful performance/performances.  This Sunday is no different.  After a three-game win streak, the Carolina Hurricanes got housed by the Capitals.  But that wasn’t that bad, we were supposed to lose to the Capitals we kept telling ourselves.  Another win down in Dallas would do wonders for the Canes and keep the team 4-1-0 in their last five.  A very respectable record. But things didn’t go as planned which is why I’m here commiserating with a bottle of tequila while I write this.  Hopefully, spell check will catch all the errors and my computer doesn’t fry from all the tears.  Ok onto the stories that do their best to help Hurricanes fans’ spirits.

Links Episode IV: A New Hope

It seems the mainstream media is catching onto something we reported on weeks ago.  In this article, the News & Observer reports on Elias Lindholm gaining confidence. Still, its good that people are catching on that Lindholm is actually a good player and not a bust that some were saying to start the year.  He fits in nicely on the Aho and Staal line and as soon as his Shooting Percentage regresses back to normal he should turn into a really fine player.

While things may not be so great for the Carolina Hurricanes right now, the future is still as bright as ever.  The guys at Canes and Coffee report a lot of the Hurricanes prospects.  In this article, they focus on Steven Lorentz.  Lorentz is a seventh rounder and most likely won’t make the NHL according to the odds.  But given Francis’s tact for finding talent deep in the draft I wouldn’t write the kid off just yet.

Our third story of the week comes from Calm Before the Storm blog.  Jonathan Wagner writes about the Hurricanes busy upcoming schedule.  While some see this as a detriment to the team, this article thinks it could work in the team’s favor because of the home vs. road advantage. Given the way this team plays outside of Raleigh, he could be onto something here.

And finally, Puck Daddy gives some love to the idea that Jordan Staal deserves some consideration for the Selke trophy.  There are a lot of candidates but we also believe that Jordan Staal should at least be considered as a finalist ourselves.  Great minds think alike I guess.

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