Canucks News: Hansen Trade Options, Boucher Looking for a Shot

Reid Boucher and Jannik Hansen are two Vancouver Canucks wingers that could have very different futures.

The Vancouver Canucks shut out the Columbus Blue Jackets, perhaps the best team in the NHL right now. Does that mean they are good? Did Columbus have a bad night? Are the Canucks going to make the playoffs?

Whatever it means, games like this one can certainly change the Canucks’ trade deadline plans. But, whatever happens, trading Jannik Hansen might not be a bad idea, thinks Canucks Army’s Ryan Biech.

Perhaps Reid Boucher could take his place.

Trading Hansen

Ryan Biech (Canucks Army) — The Canucks Would Be Wise to Trade Hansen at the Trade Deadline

Few topics garner as much attention in this market like the incoming decision the Canucks face with right-winger Jannik Hansen.

Will Vancouver trade him? If they choose not to, will they be forced to expose him in the expansion draft? Alternatively, could they trade a prospect/pick to Las Vegas to ensure they don’t select Hansen in the expansion draft?

The situation calls for an in-depth looking at the situation from every angle to help for a conclusion about how the Canucks can best navigate this quandary ahead of the March 1st trade deadline.

The Hansen issue is a difficult one. He is not just one of a few expandable players who unfortunately have no-trade clauses, but he is also one who could be lost for nothing if he doesn’t agree to a trade.

Hansen was already a hot topic at the deadline last year, and that won’t change this time around. The fact that the Canucks can likely protect only one of Hansen, Sven Baertschi and Markus Granlund only makes trade matters more urgent.

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If the Canucks were to simply keep the best players, they would likely expose Granlund. But, age is probably a more important factor here. Hansen will turn 31 next month, Granlund is just 23. In the Canucks’ current situation, they don’t really have a choice: They must protect Granlund and Baertschi.

But what can they do with Hansen?

Ryan Biech took an in-depth look at possible scenarios.

Boucher Looking for a Shot

Jason Botchford (Vancouver Sun) — Canucks’ Reid Boucher just looking for a shot

That’s some treatment for the player who broke Steven Stamkos’s single-season goal-scoring record with the Sarnia Sting by potting 62 goals in his OHL days.

But scoring goals has never been a problem. Staying with an NHL team has. Go figure — you’d think teams that can’t score would be into players who can.

The Canucks have struggled to score all season long. So, one would think that a goal scorer like Reid Boucher would get a decent shot in a scoring role. But that’s not how head coach Willie Desjardins manages his team.

Boucher has appeared in just two games for the Canucks so far — not enough to prove what he can do (or not do).

At this point, the Canucks really have nothing to lose. Boucher probably isn’t a worse scorer than Jayson Megna, and even Megna got plenty of ice time with the Sedins. Just give Boucher a real chance already.

Until we find out what the Canucks have in Boucher, check out Jason Botchford’s summary of how Boucher got to where he is today.

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