Canadian Prime Minister Harper finds outlet as hockey book author

Stephen Harper says he had to ”settle” for being prime minister instead of playing professional hockey.

In his youth, Canada’s prime minister played for the Leaside Lions, a Toronto team. He tells the Toronto television station City he scored only three goals in three years and wasn’t ”the great player people remember.”

Harper has written a hockey book titled ”A Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs & The Rise of Professional Hockey.” He says he started it nine years ago as a way to escape the pressures of politics.

While he wouldn’t rule out another book, Harper has picked up another hobby for now: music. He performed a seven-song set Sunday night at a Toronto fundraiser in his honor.

He tells the morning talk show "Breakfast Television" that meeting deadlines ”in the last year or so was a bit of pressure on top of the job, so I’m spending my spare time now doing a bit of music instead.”