Calgary Flames: Who Runs The ‘Boring Monahan’ Twitter?

There is a Twitter account related to Calgary Flames F Sean Monahan titled “Boring Sean Monahan”. There are different speculations of who runs this account, but has it been Sean Monahan all along?

Sean Monahan has proved himself to be a respectable power forward for the Calgary Flames over the last few seasons. So of course, that won’t come without a joke Twitter account on your behalf. And that Twitter account goes by the name of “Boring Sean Monahan”.

Now, what exactly is this account? Well, it’s an account that not only Flames fans know, but hockey fans in general know about. I mean, given that this account has almost double as many followers as the actual Sean Monahan has, it’s no surprise it’s popular. It’s basically an account just tweeting out very plain and mundane Tweets. For example:

So who runs it?

Something about this makes it funny and people love this account. So much so that sports networks have mentioned this account too. Many seem to think that former Calgary Flames F Brian McGrattan actually runs this account. The reason for this was because back when McGrattan played for the Flames, he was the only person the Twitter account followed. As well as there as an edited picture of him and Monahan that was:

He was also one of the few people to initially see this account and he retweeted a tweet from it. Then Monahan also retweeted that tweet. When this happened and Grats and Monny first followed this account, it didn’t even have 3,000 followers yet. Since then, it became sort of like a domino effect and gained popularity and now it’s at over 63,000 followers. It’s even been featured on Sportsnet multiple times.

We put out a poll on Twitter about who thinks still runs it.

So as we can see, based on all the legitimate answers, people think it’s McGrattan. However now, McGrattan doesn’t play for the Flames anymore and that account doesn’t follow him anymore. It’s still active, but it follows two other people now: Brian Burke, Flames President of hockey operations, and someone by the name of Eric Melvin, who was a former member of the band NOFX.

Maybe Sean Monahan is secretly behind ‘Boring Monahan’

The reason why the boring Sean Monahan Twitter page is funny is because people can actually see the real Sean Monahan being that boring in actuality. Even other players poke fun at the whole situation. Making jokes about how he might actually be behind it all along. I mean, just look at this:

There is some more evidence that he could secretly be behind this Twitter account. Now, we know that Boring Monahan loves his toast and his toaster. Examples showing with:

Let’s take a look at the Home by Avi house tour with Monahan and his housemate at the time, Lance Bouma.

If you skip to 1:08, Monahan briefly mentions his toaster. He says, “There’s our toaster. Sometimes we’ll throw a slice in there.” Now, if you watch a few seconds before that, you’ll see that there was really no reason for him to mention his toaster. So why did he bring it up?

Aha! Unless he truly does love his toast and his toaster that much, like the Boring Monahan Twitter does.

But maybe it’s also Brian Burke who runs it. We know this man loves to speak his mind and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Does he also have the skill to run an account based off one of the players on the Calgary Flames? And why does the Twitter account follow a former member of the band NOFX? Maybe he’s the one that has been running it all along?

So who do you guys think runs the account? Well, nobody can say for sure who. But I will always truly believe in my heart that it is secretly Sean Monahan.

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