Calgary Flames Have Deja Vu – Top San Jose Sharks

The Calgary Flames top the San Jose Sharks by a score of 3-2. They beat them by the same score about two months ago. And the same thing happened in that game.

The Calgary Flames beat the San Jose Sharks by a score of 3-2 to now win their last five home games. This is a slight shift in momentum with the team, hey?

This game was a little eerie to me because on November third, the Flames and the Sharks played. The score was 2-2 and Flames rookie, Matthew Tkachuk, scored the game-winner with just 4:21 left in the game.

That was his tenth game of the season where, earlier that day, he got the go-ahead that he would be staying with the team instead of being sent down to the minors.

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In this game, the score was also tied at two a piece. And the Flames managed to score the game winner with just a few minutes left again. Dougie Hamilton scored the game-winner with just 2:19 left in the game.

Right before Hamilton scored, Tkachuk had a great chance that led to a rebound which eventually got Hamilton the goal. I really wish Tkachuk got that goal. How funny and weird would that be if Tkachuk, got his second multi-goal game of the season, to the same team he got his first multi-goal game, with the same thing happening?

With that game-winner, there was this very adorable jump from Mikael Backlund into Dougie’s arms and I just. I need to show it.

There was also a lot I could say about the officiating tonight. However, I think I might leave that for a different day. I’m going to get myself too worked up by talking about it.

That’s all for now. The Calgary Flames are still in a wild card spot, however, they have more wins than both the Edmonton Oilers and the Anaheim Ducks who currently beat them. Time to start beating them, Flames.

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