Calgary Flames Go Into Bye-Week With Shootout Win Over Penguins

The Calgary Flames opened up the scoring against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but this game would be decided in a shootout where the Flames got the extra point.

The Calgary Flames managed to open up the scoring against the Pittsburgh Penguins for the fifth game in a row. However, that 2-0 lead heading into third period costed the Flames, because they got too confident. The Penguins managed to tie up the game and this would be decided in overtime or a shootout.

Tonight, everyone was talking about how Penguins captain Sidney Crosby was three points away from 1000 career points. Before this game, in Crosby’s ten career games against the Flames, he has had three three-point games. However in this game, he got just one point.

However, there was an instance where the puck looked to cross the net and the Pens even started cheering, but thank God for goal posts.

Oh and how could I not mention this? The Flames opening up the scoring by Micheal Ferland. But it wasn’t just that he opened up the scoring that was exciting. He stole the puck from none other than Sidney Crosby and had a breakaway and beat Matt Murray.

Crosby did manage to sneak a point tonight, but heading into overtime, we all knew he wouldn’t reach that 1000th point milestone.

But who else is close to a milestone?

Monny Money

You should all know this by now since that’s all anybody ever talks about (don’t worry, me too) and that’s Sean Monahan nearing his 100th career goal. If he reaches it soon, he will be the youngest Flame in franchise history to reach 100 goals.

Well, he ALMOST got a goal in overtime to win the game. How awesome would that have been? Scoring your 100th career goal in a game-winner in overtime. And against the defending Stanley Cup Champs. But, Murray cheated, I mean his helmet fell off, and because of player safety rules, it was waved off right away.

But what’s your take on that? If there’s a play, and the goaltender somewhat shakes his helmet off because he feels it’s a tad bit loose, should that be a delay-of-game penalty? It is quite unfair, because if he didn’t shake his helmet off, who’s to say that wouldn’t have been a goal?

Anyways, enough of what could have been since the Calgary Flames still walk away with two points (yay)! I swear if the Flames miss the playoffs because they’re tied for the last Wild Card spot but they have one less ROW than another team and that’s the reason they don’t make it, I will be writing a very angry letter to Matt Murray.

This is their fourth win in five games and they’ll be heading into their bye-week feeling confident, just like before the All-Star break.

Before this game, the Penguins were 23-3-2 at home and Matt Murray was 11-1-1 at home. Oops. Sorry to spoil your party, guys.

Last season, the Flames were one of three teams that the Pens couldn’t get any points against. This is Calgary’s third win in a row against the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

Disclaimer: In case you’re not aware, because of the World Cup of Hockey this year, the league employed a mandatory five-day break for each team where the coaching staff isn’t allowed to request practice or morning skates. It’s to give the players a bit of a break with this rigorous schedule. Moving on.

Chad! Johnson!

Another player who stood out tonight was one of my favourite humans in the world, Mr. Chad Johnson. He stopped 31 of 33 shots faced tonight, and since Brian Elliott was winning games, this was his first start in two weeks. And since he won this game, he’ll be starting the next game after the Flames return from break.

Also, how adorable is this?

We honestly need to protect this man at all costs.

Johnson also had many spectacular saves tonight, some against the all-might Sidney Crosby. He earned the first star of the game, rightfully so.

That’s all for now in this post-game recap! I hope you’re all just as excited as me. And with the Los Angeles Kings losing tonight as well, the Flames will end their night in a playoff position.

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