Calgary Flames Daily: The Final Day of Their Bye-Week

Good afternoon Calgary Flames fans! It’s the last day of bye-week for the Flames so let’s take a look what’s happening in news surrounding this team.

It’s the fifth and final day of bye-week for the Calgary Flames. We can all finally watch some Flames hockey again tomorrow, no need to fret everyone. Flames hockey is almost back.

Since the team hasn’t played a game in four days, there’s not a whole lot of news to talk about with this team. Hopefully the guys are all back in town or will be by tonight and are resting up before their game against the Arizona Coyotes tomorrow night.

They went into their bye-week with a huge 3-2 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins in a shootout. Why it was such a big win is because the Pens had incredible stats at home and the Flames still managed to sneak away two points. They’ve now won four of their last five and are feeling much more confident than they did in January when they had that four-game losing skid.

This recent success may be because of the goaltending method the team decided to implement after the All-Star break. It’s called the win-and-start method. Well, it doesn’t really have an official name to it, so we’ll just call it that. Basically, if you win, you start the next game. You lose, no matter how well you played, the other goalie will start.

This was a great method to implement seeing how Chad Johnson and Brian Elliott both mildly struggled in January. Since that win against the Ottawa Senators right before the All-Star break, Elliott’s sv% is 0.915 and Johnson’s is 0.939. Given Johnson has only played one game against the Pens, but much better than in January.

In January until the 26th when they played the Sens, Elliott’s sv% was 0.884 and Johnson’s was 0.887.

Some of our stuff surrounding the goalies that we think you’d enjoy on this windy Sunday

Brian Elliott vs. Chad Johnson debate.

The Calgary Flames goaltending has always been a story for the last few years. And now with this season, that hasn’t changed.

What’s going on with Chad Johnson?

Calgary Flames new goaltender, Chad Johnson, has been a bit of a story this season. But lately, he’s started to fall a bit. What’s going on with Johnson lately?

Brian Elliott fighting for starting role again.

The Calgary Flames goaltender Brian Elliott has been struggling between the pipes the last few weeks. However, he’s definitely fighting for the starter role again.

Chad Johnson wins the Elliott/Bishop/Fleury debate.

Calgary Flames goalie Chad Johnson has quietly risen on top as the unspoken one of the possible goaltenders Flames would have acquired during the offseason.

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That’s all in this edition of Flames Daily! Don’t get swept away by these Calgary winds today because only one more day until the Flames play again.

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