Calgary Flames Daily: Game Day, Johnson In Net For First Time In 2 Weeks

Good morning Calgary Flames fans! You know the drill, let’s see what’s happening in news surrounding the Flames over the last 24 hours.

The Calgary Flames will be in Pennsylvania tonight to face off the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s freezing in Calgary (-32 degrees Celsius as of right now) and I checked the weather in Pittsburgh and not going to lie, I got kind of mad at the Flames that they don’t have to be in the city today to face the cold with all of us.

Anyways, moving on.

This will be the first meeting between the two teams tonight. The Penguins right now are 33-13-5 versus the Flames’ 27-25-3. However don’t cancel the Flames out just yet. They beat the team with the second most amount of points in the league, the Minnesota Wild. And not just once, but three times.

Ever since the game against the Ottawa Senators the day before the All-Star break, they’ve been doing fantastic. They had a three-game win streak which was ended against the New York Rangers on Sunday. However, they still battled quite hard in that game, and everyone was accepting of the loss. Because they still battled it out all game and played a full 60 minutes like they should be. Nobody has any doubt they’ll get right back in it tonight.

The goalie situation:

Chad Johnson will get the nod between the crease for the first time in almost two weeks. Since the Flames were going with the win-and-start goal-tending method, Brian Elliott has been playing since the Flames have been winning. Now Johnson will get the chance to help bring his team to a win and remain in the crease.

A few milestones tonight on both ends:

Sean Monahan

99 career goals. If he scores that 100th goal tonight, he’ll be the youngest Flame ever in Franchise history to reach 100 goals.

Sidney Crosby

Three points shy of 1000 career points. Has three three-point games in his 10 career games against the Flames.

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Some of our stuff on Sean Monahan and other types of Milestones

Sean Monahan is having an incredible 2017 so far.

Sean Monahan, like other players on the Calgary Flames, had quite a slow start. But he’s definitely picked up his game and 2017 has been kind to the young center-man.

Sean Monahan at the halfway mark.

Calgary Flames forward Sean Monahan had a bit of a slow start to his season. However, he definitely picked up his game late November-early December. Let’s take a look at him halfway through the season.

Jarome Iginla snubbed from NHL 100 list.

The NHL unveiled the top 100 greatest players of all time. There were some obvious snubs in this list, including Calgary Flames fan favorite, Jarome Iginla.

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Thanks for reading this edition of Flames Daily! Let’s hope the Flames can go into their bye-week with some confidence.

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