Calgary Flames Daily: Backlund Stays Red Hot, Baby Jagr

Good morning Calgary Flames fans! After an exciting comeback win last night, let’s see what’s been happening in news surrounding Flames world.

The Calgary Flames had an exhilarating win over the Florida Panthers last night where they won 5-2. And who can we thank for that? Well it’s none other than one of the Flames best players this season, Mikael Backlund.

Backlund had two goals and one assist last night. Both of his goals came within 13 seconds of each other. That’s always one of my favorite things. When the announcer is yelling the player’s name after the goal and the Flames score ANOTHER goal. Man, that’s always fun.

Backlund now has 20 points since December 10th and only ten players in the league have more than him in that stretch. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Eric Staal, and Brent Burns. But they each have 21 points. Come on Backs, one more point…

Backlund now leads the Flames with 32 points.

On to other exciting things, who is baby Jagr?

Well if Jaromir Jagr is from Czech Republic and Michael Frolik is the only Flame from there too. Hmm, let’s put two and two together and… aha!

According for Frolik, when he was a teenager, he was nicknamed “Baby Jagr.” But, he knew it was a huge nickname to live up to.

Via Calgary Herald:

“We all looked up to him and obviously, when you are growing up, everybody wanted to be like him,” Frolik said. “But then the reality comes — it’s not that easy.

“When I was 15 or 16, they tried to make it up that I’m going to be the new Baby Jagr. But anybody who is young like that and is pretty good, in Czech, they always try to compare and say those things. As soon as I heard that, I was never really thinking about it because he’s one special player. Yeah, it was nice to hear, but I never really would think about it or take it seriously.

“I knew that I wasn’t even close to him. He’s a different hockey player — he’s big, he’s strong, and I wasn’t like that. What he can do, it’s unbelievable. And those numbers and what he did, I think nobody from Czech will do it like him.”

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That’s all for now in this edition of Flames Daily. With that exciting and dominating win over the Panthers last night, let’s hope the Flames keep that momentum heading into Saturday’s Battle of Alberta.

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