Buffalo Sabres vs Philadelphia Flyers: Peanut Gallery Recap

The Buffalo Sabres looked good for the second-straight game, picking up two points against the visiting Flyers.  Adam and Grandpa Ziggy share their thoughts!

Belle and I had the boob tube on and we were ready for some hockey after Doug Allen sang the Canadian and American National Anthems. Both the Buffalo Sabres and Philadelphia Flyers came out ready to play a boring and uneventful 1st Period.

Belle was bored with the game within the first few minutes to the point where the Sabres and Flyers put her to sleep. Unfortunately she missed boxing match between Buffalo’s Nicolas Deslauriers and Philly’s Brandon Manning. Though it was a good fight, I think Nick got the better of Brandon. The fight did not really spark any motivation for either team, but the fans enjoyed it!

After a boring 1st Period, things began to change for Buffalo. Here are my thoughts and peanut gallery comments about the rest of the game:

  • I’m glad that the Sabres kept the power play alive! It’s a great feeling to not refer to the Sabres’ power play as the “power-less play.”
  • It was good to see Buffalo Sabres forward William Carrier score a goal…but then again, it’s always a good sight to see a Sabre player scoring.
  • Evander Kane’s late 2nd Period goal was uplifting.
  • During the 3rd Period, when the Sabres had a 3-0 lead, I was less nervous that they would blow their lead because they were not on National Television. The last time these two teams squared off, the game was on NBC Sports Net and the Bums blew a 3-0 lead, only to lose in OT, 4-3.
  • I was bummed out that Buffalo Sabres goaltender Andres Nilsson did not get a shutout.
  • Well, the Sabres seemed to have played a 40 minute game. At least Buffalo isn’t showing up to play the first 10 minutes of each game before going to sleep. If anything, it seems like they have been showing up to play the latter half of games. I would rather the Sabres play a whole 60 minutes, but if they want to play the last 40 minutes, I suppose I am content with that…just as long as they don’t dig themselves a huge hole in the 1st
  • It was nice to see Sam Reinhart be generous, and pass the puck to line-mate Marcus Foligno to score the empty netter to seal the deal.
  • Congratulations to the Sabres for stringing together a 2 game winning streak!

Once the game ended, I emailed Grandpa Ziggy for his reaction. He wrote, “HI  ADAM  I  AGRY  WITH  YOU  THE  GOLE  SHULD  HAVE  HAD  SHUT  AUT  BUT THE  MAIN  THING  IS  THY  WON THE GAME  &  ALSO  WON THE  FIGHT  WITH THE  PHILY  PLAYER    YES  I  ENJOYED &  SUSEN  ALSO    DOBRANOC  ADAM.”

Susan is Grandpa Ziggy’s daughter and my mom. Dobranoc is Polish for “good night.”  His typing used to be better, but over the years it’s changed; it’s more phonetic now. My coworkers enjoy reading his emails and figuring out what he says!

Go Sabres, and thanks for the read!

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