Buffalo Sabres vs Lose-a-peg Jets: Peanut Gallery Pregame Chatter

Yesterday I had lunch with Grandpa Ziggy. I wanted to sneak in one last visit with him before he left Buffalo for the winter. On Sunday, he’s flying down to Raleigh, or as we call it, “the Promised Land.” Grandpa enjoyed the visit because he got to spend some quality time with his great grandkids, Little Ziggy and Belle.

During our conversation, he asked me, “How did the Sabres do in Chicago? I felt asleep when it was 1-1.”

I broke the bad news to him, telling him that we blew a 3-2 lead late in the 3rd Period and that Patrick Kane scored in OT to beat the Sabres.

Grandpa Ziggy said, “At least we got a point out of it.”

I went on to tell him, “The Sabres play tomorrow afternoon at 1pm.”

“Ok, good! Who do we play?” asked Grandpa Ziggy.

I said, “The Winnipeg Jets.”

Grandpa had a look of disgust on his face. I think he was hoping for a better opponent. He said, “Oh well. I’ll still be watching.”

And with that being said, the Buffalo Sabres will be hosting the Winnipeg Jets today at KeyBank Center at 1pm today.

With Lose-a-peg in town (I know it’s hard to call the Jets “Lose-a-peg” when they have a better record than Buffalo, but it’s still fun), Evander Kane and Zach “Bogo” Bogosian will face their former team. That also means that Drew “Guitar Hands” Stafford and former Rochester Americans’ prospect Joe Armia will face their former club. According to the Jets’ website, Tyler “Bucket-O-Pucks” Myers is on injured reserve.

With Drew Stafford back in town and playing for a different team, us Sabres fans won’t have to get upset or pissed off when all of his shots hit the glass!

To this day, I still think Sabre General Manager Tim Murray did a good job with sending Myers, Stafford, and Armia to the Jets. If feel that Bogo is a better all-around player that Myers could ever hoped to have been. Evander Kane is convincingly a better player for the Sabres than Drew Stafford ever was. I’m not a stats guy, but this season, Kane is 9 goals and 5 assists in 27 games (www.hnl.com/sabres/stats), compared to Stafford’s meager 2 goals and 4 assists in 26 games (www.nhl.com/jets/stats).

Coming in to today’s matinee, the Sabres are 14-15-9 and the Jets are 19-19-3 (www.nhl.com/standings), but like I stated earlier, I’m not a stats guys. If the Sabres feel like playing with the same energy level and motivation like they did with the Rangers and the Blackhawks, they should have no difficulty in grounding the Jets.

Not that I’m Babe Ruth calling my shot over here, but I’m going with a 4-1 Sabres win.

Sabres Game Challenge:

  1. What do you think the score will be? (5pts)
  2. Will a former player get a point against his former team? (5pts)
  3. Will Drew Stafford be booed when he touches the puck? (2pts)
  4. How many times will Drew Stafford hit the glass while taking a SOG? (1pt/each glass shot)
  5. Will the Winnipeg Jets goal count be higher than the mercury (temperature) in Winnipeg? (5pts)

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