Buffalo Sabres vs Detroit Red Wings: Pregame Chatter

The Buffalo Sabres host the Detroit Red WIngs in a key divisional battle. Both teams are looking to pick up key points, in the hopes of becoming moderately relevant this season!

Tonight the Buffalo Sabres will host divisional “rival” Detroit Red Wings at KeyBank Center. The Sabres are coming off of a horrible loss up in Toronto while the Red Wing look to extend their win streak to four games. Not much is at stake here because both teams are bottom dwells and are far from a wild card spot. The only thing on the line is bragging rights; the Battle for the Great Lakes.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s game because we get to see former Sabres Steve Ott and Thomas Vanek. I’m not going to lie, but I like it when the Sabres beat their former players. It stung a lot last month watching Thomas Vanek score a goal against the Sabres, but we got the last laugh that game when the Sabres beat the Wings in Motown.

If you’re a Sabres fan, then you know full well that our team stinks and shows up whenever they want to. I’m going to be like the Buffalo Bills General Manager Doug Whaley and give my thoughts on winning…and losing tonight’s game.

If the Sabres want to lose tonight’s game, they should:

  • Coach Dan should change the lines every other shift
  • Make sure to blow your 2 goal lead!
  • Phone it in for half the game

If the Sabres should feel like winning tonight’s game, they should:

  • Coach Dan should leave the lines alone
  • Protect your 2 goal lead
  • Try to play 60 minutes of play…heck, I’d be satisfied with 45 minutes of solid play

It’s like what Doug Whaley said, “To win in this business, it’s about two things. It’s about players and winning!”  The Sabres already have the right guy in goal tonight, as Anders Nilsson is healthy and earning the start.  It remains to be seen whether the rest of the players will show up.

Lastly, Grandpa Ziggy added his two cents, “As for the game tonight, well I think Buffalo will make an effort but if they lose, it is still entrainment for us.”

Game Time Challenge:

Since it is a Friday night game, and most of us should have tomorrow morning off, I think we should play a drinking game! Every time Coach Dan changes the lines, take a shot…If I were you, I’d play it safe and use root beer, Blue Light, or water because hard liquor might be deadly.

  1. Who will win? (1pt)
  2. Will Steve Ott and Nick Deslauriers finally drop the gloves and tee off on each other? (5pts)
  3. Who would win the hypothetical Ott vs. Deslauriers fight? (5pts)
  4. Will Thomas Vanek score a goal? (1pt/goal)
  5. How many Power Play goals will the Sabres net? (1pt/goal)

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