Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins: Peanut Gallery Postgame Thoughts

The Buffalo Sabres left their home fans wanting more in their final home game of 2016; Adam shares his thoughts on the loss.

Well the Big Bad Boston Bruins were in town last night. My hockey watching buddy Belle and I watched the whole Boston Bruins @ Buffalo Sabres game. Here’s our thought’s, peanut gallery comments, and take aways from the game:

  • It was great seeing Rasmus Ristolainen lay out Brad Marchand into the boards early in the 1st Period!
  • Marcus Foligno’s goal was beautiful. The icing on the cake was that Moulson and Eichel assisted.
  • William Carrier’s hit on David Backes was a nice hit…too bad the hit wasn’t on that cotton headed ninny muggin Zdeno Chara.  I’m glad Santa came through with one thing on my Wish List: Someone Who Can Throw a Body Check
  • After serving a 2-minute penalty for body checking, it was great to see William Carrier lay the smack down on another Bruins player, Adam McQuaid. I thought it was awesome that the linesmen held McQuaid’s arms back so that Carrier could land a few huge over the top blows and a couple upper cuts! It’s a great thing to see fighting back in hockey!
  • Kyle Okposo’s hard work during the 1st Period finally paid off! He had a bunch of opportunities to hammer home a goal, but he finally sealed the deal on the Power Play.
  • One of my Hanukkah wishes came true! For the 2nd  night of the Festival of Lights, I asked for more motivated players, and we saw that tonight. It seemed like everybody in the Blue & Gold was mixing it up, especially after the whistle!
  • As the game wore on, so did my hockey watching buddy Belle, and the Sabres. As Belle began to drift off to sleep during the 2nd Period, so did the Sabres. Belle was lights out midway through the game and so was her team.
  • I’m going to be Captain Obvious here and state that the Sabres had a great 1st Period, a forgettable 2nd Period, and  the 3rd Period was tragic…thankfully Belle didn’t need to fall asleep grumpy knowing that her team had lost.
  • The Sabres were just like Belle, they came out like a ball of fire and fizzled out…oh well, it happens to the best of us.

Lastly, it looks like Grandpa Ziggy’s prediction was correct!  Guess you’re only a pessimist if you’re wrong!

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