Buffalo Sabres @ Detroit Red Wings: Peanut Gallery Game Review

The Buffalo Sabres gave their fans a late Christmas present in Detroit Tuesday.  Adam shares his thoughts!

T’was two nights after Christmas and I wasn’t sure if the Sabres would be stirring. I was a bit pessimistic about the Buffalo at Detroit game. I figured that the Sabres would have been full on figgy pudding and granny’s pies. To my surprise, the Sabres came out to play!

Here is a quick list of the things I noticed and enjoyed from the game:

  • The Sabres power play is alive, well, and consistent!
  • It’s great to see Evander Kane scoring
  • I felt bad for Robin Lehner because he took at least 4 pucks in the helmet. The worst one was when Detroit’s Henrik Zetterberg scored by ricocheting the puck off of Lehner’s noggin and into the net.
  • Jack Eichel’s goal was beautiful!
  • Not giving up. After that bum Thomas Vanek tied the game, the Sabres quickly answered back by scoring a goal and taking the lead again.
  • I was thrilled that the Sabres did not allow a late goal, which would have forced the game to Overtime, which we would have enviably lost the game in the Shootout.
  • The fights were fun! It was a bit like the video game Mortal Kombat, Round 1…Fight!

-Round 1: Foligno vs. Nielsen was a good fight, though I was bummed that Foligno didn’t fix his hair again during the fight.

-Round 2: Kane vs. Smith was an exciting tango. When the fight first started, you could see Kane asking Smith if he wanted to removed his helmet, but Smith didn’t want to because he was a delicate petunia. It was great to see Kane in another fight, but on the flip side, it wasn’t so great seeing him in the penalty box with a bag of ice on his hand.

-Round 3 : though it never happened, but I was hoping that Steve Ott and Nick Deslauriers; the two were chirping at each other the entire game.

I’m glad the Sabres could come and fulfill my wish for the 3rd night of Hanukkah.

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