Buffalo Sabres at Montreal Canadiens: Post Game Thoughts

The Buffalo Sabres headed to Montreal hoping to finish January strong, but continued their trend of forgetting that hockey games are 60 minutes long.

I was excited about tonight’s Buffalo Sabres game in Montreal against the Canadiens. After the long All Star Weekend, I figured that the Sabres should be well rested to play their divisional rival; especially because the word playoffs has made it back into conversation.

For being Buffalo, they had a “strong” 1st Period. They had some scoring chances, got 11 shots on net, and Robin Lehner looked, good despite letting a goal.

As usual, Buffalo took the 2nd Period off. Apparently the Sabres did not watch any of the All Stars Skill Competition or Game, because they could have used some tips and pointers. Yet again, the Sabres took a nap. I felt that Sabres goalie Robin Lehner was playing well, until his team gave up on him completely. The Canadiens looked fresh and hungry as they buzzed around the slow and lackadaisical Sabres.

When Montreal’s David Desharnais scored to put the Canadiens up 3-0, I felt that Sabres defenseman Cody Franson should have gotten an assist on the play. Franson, who was not under any pressure, had the entire Sabres zone to clear the puck. Instead dingle-berry decided to put the puck right on Montreal’s Sven Andrighetto.

Even though Buffalo was down 4-0 after two periods of play, I decided to hang around just to see if they could break the shutout in the 3rd Period.

When Montreal’s Captain Max Pacioretty notched a hat trick and to bump the Canadiens up 5-0, I decided to turn the TV off. I’m not a fair weather fan by any means, but I’m not going to waste my time for a team that can’t show up to “play.”

Well, the Bums host Jimmy Vesey and the New York Rangers on Thursday night. Hopefully the Sabres will get their act together for that game. Unfortunately the televised game is being carried on NBC Sports Network. With it being a nationally televised game, there is a good probability that the Buffalo Sabres will choke.

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