Bruins fan tries to steal stick from Senators player after game, learns his lesson

Bruins fans in attendance for Game 3 against the Senators didn’t get to see the result they were hoping for on Monday night, as Boston lost in overtime to Ottawa, 4-3.

One fan tried his best to take home a consolation prize immediately following the game, though that didn’t exactly work out for him either.

As the Senators were leaving the ice following the win, which was aided by a controversial penalty call in OT, there was some bitterness and anger from Boston fans surrounding the Ottawa tunnel. A few fans threw trash on the ice and in the direction of Sens players, like this wonderful human in the gray shirt:

But others went for a different approach, like this guy who attempted to jack the stick right out of the hands of Senators defenseman Chris Wideman.

I’m not exactly sure what prompted several Ottawa players to have their sticks up in that area to begin with but I think it’s safe to assume there was some sort of exchange between those fans and the team leading up to this.

Either way, that fan in the David Krejci jersey got ahold of Wideman’s stick and tried to yank it away from him for a take-home souvenir. If we’re being honest here, it’s not the most honorable move but I think it’s a pretty funny one that would be a great party story forever.

“Hey Sully, how’d you get that stick you have mounted up on the wall?”

“Well, uh, Sully #2, you see, I got wicked pissed aftah a Bruins playoff game and decided to be a jerk and just swipe it from a losah Senatahs playah.”


Unfortunately for the would-be thief, his attempts were foiled when Senators’ captain Erik Karlsson stepped up and delivered quite a chop to the fan’s hand that clearly stung him quite a bit. Wounded and outnumbered, the fan finally gave up the stick and delivered some parting words. We can probably assume they were not words of wisdom or inspiration.

Boston fans don’t exactly have the most sterling reputation and this won’t help much. The actions of a few certainly shouldn’t reflect on an entire fanbase, but it’s on these dudes for providing more ammo for the “classless” police.