Bruins Bieber-proof their logo

If you’re visiting a hockey team’s locker room,

there is a major rule of etiquette to follow: Don’t step on

the team logo.

It seems like a simple enough rule to follow. And if

you’re Canadian, shouldn’t you know about it? Even if

you’re a tween pop idol?

Apparently, this wasn’t part of Justin Bieber’s

education, and he performed a faux pas when he visited the

Blackhawks locker room before a concert at the United Center.

So, before Saturday night’s Bieber-palooza at TD Garden in

Boston, the Bruins took measures to make sure the Biebs

didn’t stomp on their logo.

Bruins logo

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Given his recent history, however, just

stepping on a logo is pretty low on the scale of


target="_blank">disrespectful things Bieber could do.

UPDATE: Turns out the Bruins weren’t fearing the

disrespectful wrath of the Biebs after all. The team’s PR

representative recently released this statement:





target="_blank">Larry Brown Sports.)