Did Bruins violate CBA by not playing enough veterans in preseason game?

Unfortunately for the Bruins, Ryan Spooner is not considered a preseason veteran per the CBA.
Greg M. Cooper/Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Boston Bruins taking a page out of the New England Patriots book by bending obscure rules? According to New York Post writer Larry Brooks, the Bruins violated a CBA rule in Wednesday's game against the Rangers regarding the minimum number of veteran players teams must have in preseason lineups.

The rule is as follows: 

The Bruins had seven players on the roster Wednesday who met those requirements: Jimmy Hayes, Brett Connolly, Max Talbot, Zac Rinaldo, Matt Irwin, Adam McQuaid and Jonas Gustavsson. 

Forward Ryan Spooner missed the cut-off as a veteran by one game, as he played 29 games for the Bruins last season. Given those outlines, it certainly seems like the Bruins violated that particular CBA rule, but it is unknown whether the NHL either noticed the violation or even considers the Bruins' roster from Wednesday night to be a violation. 

In any case, preseason rosters are a very minor detail over the course of a larger season. Article 15 of the CBA does not specify whether a team will be punished for violations of rule 15.4. 

15.4 Exhibition Games. 

(c) A Club shall be permitted to dress a minimum of eight (8) veterans for any Exhibition Game. For purposes of this Section 15.4(c), a veteran shall constitute either: 

(1) a forward or defenseman who played in thirty (30) NHL Games during the previous season, 

(2) a goaltender who either dressed in fifty (50) or more NHL Games or played in thirty (30) or more NHL Games in the previous season, 

(3) a first round draft choice from the most recent year's Entry Draft, or 

(4) any Player who has played one-hundred (100) or more career NHL Games.

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