Recent improvements have Bruins coach Claude Julien revising team’s evaluation

Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien is happier with his team of late.
Jean-Yves Ahern/Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins have points in five of six games so far in December and are tightening up on defense of late, improving from allowing nearly four goals-against per game at the start of the season to a more reasonable 2.72 goals-against per game. 

While that total still is not ideal, Bruins coach Claude Julien seems pacified by the recent improvements, as he changed his mostly negative evaluation of the team from a few weeks ago to a more optimistic outlook as of Tuesday.


The Bruins still have a long road ahead of them as far as playoff contention is concerned. Boston currently has control of the Atlantic Division wild card spot with 36 points through 29 games, but the Tampa Bay Lightning are threatening right behind with 35 points through 32 games. 

“Overall where we are in the standings with the number of games we’ve played, and with the turnover that we’ve had, I think we’re doing okay,” Julien told reporters. “That’s not to say we’re sitting here satisfied. By all means we’re going to keep working here, and trying to get better. But there’s nothing to be disappointed about right now.”

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