The Daily Buzz: Thursday’s coolness

We almost had a full-blown controversy in the Blackhawks-Red Wings Game 7, but it all worked out in the end.

Of course, it took overtime for the hockey gods to set everything straight, with the Blackhawks getting a 2-1 victory on a Brent Seabrook goal 3:35 into the extra period.

The Blackhawks, who won it all in 2010, now face the defending champion Los Angeles Kings in the Western Conference Finals. Add in the Penguins-Bruins series in the East and you have the last four teams to hoist the Stanley Cup as the only teams still alive. Pretty cool, eh?

Note that the New York Rangers aren’t on that list. That’s probably a big reason why their brash coach John Tortorella is out of a job.

And while he was fired yesterday despite having one year left on his deal, his antics in New York will live on in infamy.

There were plenty of other great stories yesterday, but here are some you might have missed.

* The Paterno family announced it is launching a lawsuit against the NCAA for its sanctions against Penn State.

* You want truly ludicrous NCAA sanctions? How about a college golfer getting fined $20 for washing her car? True to form for the golf world, the violation was even self-reported.

* The surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect has regained his voice — and his first order of business was calling his mom in Russia.

* Panthers QB Cam Newton is shedding pounds and cracking jokes. He’s not too amused with teammates cracking jokes, though.

* Lance Berkman is glad that Fat Elvis nickname has pretty much gone away.

* It’s safe to say Alabama coach Nick Saban has been thinking a lot about how to stop Johnny Manziel. The Heisman winner will try to lead Texas A&M to another upset of the mighty Tide on Sept. 14.

* Pacman Jones has turned his life around in Cincy. Meanwhile, a Bucs player gets arrested for public intoxication. Ahh, the cycle of life in the NFL.

* The Black Crowes drummer went to Nashville to live out a career dream … in sports radio.

* At 31 years old and boasting a degree from Dartmouth, this isn’t your normal MLB rookie.

* An ex-mechanic says he was singled out for religious and sexual harassment by a racing team headed by one of IndyCar’s more popular drivers.

* The Kansas City Royals are taking their impression of a minor-league team to the next level, traveling to St. Louis by bus when their plane had mechanical problems.

* Hey, Pierre … Henrik Zetterberg doesn’t feel like talking.

* What’s Kevin Durant doing with his offseason? How about some intense pick-up games at a well-known high school gym?

* Mariners manager Eric Wedge should have known better than to say something against sabermetrics. Now, he’s on the defensive.

* And finally, boxer Amir Khan is set to be married today in a ceremony said to cost $1 million. Of course, that’s probably about what Floyd Mayweather spends on breakfast.