Barch tosses tooth to fan as souvenir?

Nothing unusual about seeing an NHL player pull out a tooth in the middle of a game, but Florida’s Krys Barch might have taken it a step further Saturday night in Washington.

Did he just toss his tooth to a fan for a souvenir? Let’s check the replay:

If he did, Capitals announcer Joe Beninati said what the rest of us are thinking: "What’s that gonna go for on Ebay?"

The do-it-yourself dentistry is no big deal. Just watch Islanders captain John Tavares get in there after taking a puck to the face against Chicago.

It must’ve been Tough Guy Month in October: The Penguins’ Pascal Dupuis did it too:

Even this hot chick can do it (WARNING: Language!):

See? Nothing to it. So what’s everyone else making a big deal about?

HT: DCSportsKings