AP Was There: Game 4 of 1970 Blues-Bruins for Stanley Cup

              FILE - In this May 10, 1970, file photo, Boston Bruins' Bobby Orr flies through the air after scoring the winning goal past St. Louis Blues' goalie Glenn Hall during overtime in the NHL hockey Stanley Cup finals in Boston.  (AP Photo/A.E. Maloof, File)

BOSTON (AP) — EDITOR’S NOTE — On May 10, 1970, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 29 years. The Bruins won it at the expense of the St. Louis Blues, who were swept in the final for the third straight year.

The Game 4 win at the Boston Garden went to overtime and ended when Bobby Orr, a budding superstar, scored the winning goal and then flew through the air with his arms flung out in what would become one of the most memorable images in the history of the National Hockey League.

Orr is 71 now and watching intently as the Bruins and Blues meet again for the Cup, with Game 1 coming up Monday night. It is the first time the Blues have made it back to the final.

Orr shrugs off the renewed attention of his famous moment , telling the Boston Globe: “Well, I don’t come home at night and say, ‘Well, let’s throw it on.'”

“I’m excited for what the Bruins have done. For today’s Bruins and today’s fans. We had our time 49 years ago with St. Louis. I still have wonderful memories. And I am happy for them all now,” he told the newspaper. “I think this series features two of the best stories in hockey this year.”

The Associated Press is resending its story from Game 4 written by the AP’s Larry Eldridge as it was published May 11, 1970, in The Brunswick (Ga.) News.