Anthem singer butchers ‘€˜O Canada’ before Canadiens-Lightning game

The Stanley Cup playoffs are underway, but the Tampa Bay Lightning don’t seem to grasp all the aspects of playoff hockey — evidenced by anthem singer Max DeFrancesco’€™s painful rendition of "O Canada" before Game 1 against the Montreal Canadiens.

DeFrancesco appeared nervous as he squeaked out the first few notes, cracking several times before completely losing track of the melody. To make things worse, the aspiring opera singer occasionally slipped into Italian.

"€œThe aspiring opera singer with Opera Naples seemed to mingle French and Italian as he worked his way through the song,"€ John Dujay of wrote. "Montreal Canadiens fans must have squirmed!"€

Check out DeFrancesco’€™s rough performance in the video below.

The Lightning also are not completely clear about how to do the heart-thumping pump-up videos and montages that get fans ready for the action. Most of these videos are chock-full of highlights and on-ice heroics of the NHL’s star players. The latest Lightning music video is not.

The video, which features the rapper Jinx and a number of dancing Lightning fans, remixes the popular Lil Jon song "€œTurn Down For What"€ to create a new anthem called "€œWe Want the Cup." Full of swimming pools and sun, the video doesn’€™t exactly evoke images of grueling playoff hockey played on a frozen sheet of ice. In fact, the anthem features no actual references to the sport aside from occasional references to star players like forward Steven Stamkos and goaltender Ben Bishop. Check it out below.

To give the song some credit, though, it’s extremely catchy, and the fans in the video seem pretty passionate about the fact that they do, indeed, want the Cup.


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