Lawsuit over Warhol’s Gretzky pics?

A Vancouver art dealer is suing the Andy Warhol Foundation over

the sale of a series of Polaroids (seen below) that the late artist

Warhol snapped of a mullet-sporting Wayne Gretzky 30 years ago.

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target="_blank">According to, the dealer, Frans Wynans,

filed a claim with the British Columbia Supreme Court last week

stating that he hired Warhol to paint a series of portraits of

Gretzky in 1983, just before Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers went

on a run of four Stanley Cup championships in five years.


target="_blank"> reports that the claim states

Wynans paid Warhol $175,000 for the six original paintings —

one of which was later sold to Gretzky himself — and paid

Gretzky’s company $50,000 plus royalties for the rights to use

Gretzky’s name and likeness to sell the art.



target="_blank">met with Warhol at his New York studio, called

The Factory, in the summer of 1983, where the photos — one of

which would become the basis for the six works of art — were


When Warhol died in 1987, he left the Polaroids behind, and in

February, his foundation sold four of them in an online auction at

Christie’s. A


target="_blank">search of the website shows a

single photo of Gretzky that sold for $9,375, as well as a

collection of four photos in another lot that sold for $11,250.

Wynans told that the photos in question are the

ones in the set of four.