Anaheim Ducks “Quack” In Overtime Loss

Anaheim Ducks lose a feisty game in overtime to the Columbus Blue Jackets!

They have been doing fantastic overall as a team. This is evident in their success they are having this season. Recently they moved up to second in the Western Conference Standings. This loss now gives division rivals like the LA Kings a chance to claim the second spot this early in the season.

There is no doubt that this team won’t continue to be successful. This game went down to the wire.

In overtime in the regular season it is sudden death, therefore whoever scores first wins.

Anaheim on paper in the box score had a more complete game with better statistics. The Blue Jackets were the team who capitalized on their limited opportunities. The Ducks nearly had double the amount of shots on goal 32 to 18.

Each team had three power plays and neither team could convert on either of them. This is the good news for the Ducks defense as thats what they are improving continuously.

These Anaheim Ducks are a complete team although their game film doesn’t quite visualize it yet. They are working on being a complete team, hence why there is a full NHL season, which is still ahead of them.

We all should not get ahead of ourselves with teams doing poorly or exceeding expectations right now. Usually about the midway point of a season is when everyone can determine which teams are legitimate playoff contenders and which are done for the year.

For the Anaheim Ducks they know they are a playoff team, even with their disappointing early exit last season. They brough back Randy Carlyle since he was the only Ducks coach to bring the Stanley Cup to the Pond in Anaheim.

This team has a goal of getting their and winning the Stanley Cup. Currently they look strong on the offensive side of the puck being able to keep up with Blue Jackets in regulation scoring the same amount of goals.

The team and fans know the weak spot in the Ducks play is their defense or lack thereof. Turning the Anaheim Ducks into a championship team or any team in that matter doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time as it is a process.

Sometimes the process is quick and other times it is prolonging and long. It all depends on the coach and the players. If they all have the same vision and mindset, then usually the turn around is quicker then most fans expect.

The Ducks do not need to run around, they just need to improve on their defense to make it past the first round of the playoffs and have a chance at the Stanley Cup.

This Ducks team is mostly the same from last year with the main exception of the coach. They know they are a playoff team and capable of getting that far.

I honestly think they got caught of guard last year and winning the Pacific Division negatively impacted them instead of positively impacting them.

Now that they know what to do, they just need to stay healthy throughout the season and win enough games to make it to the playoffs.

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